Interstate Hiking Club

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Who we are?

The IHC is a medium-sized hiking club, organized in 1931,
affiliated with the NY/NJ Trail Conference.
IHC members are of various ages and diverse backgrounds.

Where do we go?

Most of our activities are centered in the NY/NJ area.
Some activities are further away. The club occasionally sponsors trips in the Catskills
and Pennsylvania. We have had campouts in the Adirondacks and Maine.

Our hikes are usually not accessible by public transportation. For NYC residents who
do not drive we recommend the
ADK New York Chapter.

What do we do?

Hikes generally are scheduled for every Sunday and some Saturdays
as day-long outings. They are graded by difficulty of terrain, distance and pace.
 Strenuous Not for novices. Hikes are 8 miles or more and last 6 hours or more, including time for trail lunch. These may have many long steep hills and may be at a brisk pace.
Moderately StrenuousThese hikes are 5 to 8 miles with multiple steep hills or 8 miles or more which are mostly flat walking. They can last up to 6 hours including trail lunch. Pace to be moderate.
 Moderate These hikes are 5 to 8 miles and may take up to 5 hours, including time for trail lunch. They should not generally have multiple long steep hills, and should be at a moderate pace.
 Easy Generally 3 to 5 miles in length and should have no significant hills.

Is that all we do?

No. Occasionally the club will host other outdoor activities.
In the past we have done trail clearing, orienteering, bushwhacking,
snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, camping, backpacking, swimming,
canoeing, and rafting.