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Organized 1931
Affiliate of the NY/NJ Trail Conference
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Last spring the Interstate Hiking Club started a series of about 20 hikes along the AT northward from Delaware Water Gap to RHP Cabin north of Fahnestock Park, NY. We will schedule this project over a four years span. The total mileage is about 140 miles, and we plan an award for those who complete all the sections. (Makeup’s allowed) This Project was last done by IHC 1997-2000.

*About  IHC *September 2019
*Hiking with Us *October 2019
*How to Join *November 2019
*Contacts/Officers *December 2019
*Club Forms and Documents *January 2020
*Joint Activities with TriState Ramblers (TSR) Sign-In Procedure *February 2010
*Announcements *March 2020
*Minutes of Annual Meeting *April 2020
  *May 2020

 General Information   Six Month Schedules
*Orienteering *December 2019-May 2020 Schedule (PDF)
*Winter Hiking Advisory *June 2019-November 2019 Schedule (PDF)
*General Canoeing Information *Archive of Schedules in PDF Format
*Hiking Article - Tick Talk *
*Hiking Equipment Article - Use of Treking Poles

*TSR Driving Directions to Hike Meeting Places  

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