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Affiliate of the NY/NJ Trail Conference
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Covid 19 Update

Members and non-members are encouraged to participate in IHC events that do not require a shuttle.

ALL WHO PARTICIPANT IN A SHUTTLE MUST BE VACCINATED AGAINST COVID 19. Both members and accompanied guests sponsored by a member are welcome to attend.

On trips that use a shuttle, the leader may ask if you have been vaccinated and the leader may require you show them a copy of your vaccination certificate. You may also need to wear a mask while riding in or driving a car that is doing the shuttle. The leader can refuse to take you on the hike for safety reasons or lack of vaccination confirmation. 

You no longer need to register for most trips. Just show up at the time and place in the IHC schedule. The schedule may be amended by mass email. Thus please check your emails.

Guy Percival, President

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 General Information   Six Month Schedules
*Orienteering *June 2021-November 2021 Schedule (PDF)
*Winter Hiking Advisory *December 2020-May 2021 Schedule (PDF)
*General Canoeing Information *Archive of Schedules in PDF Format
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*TSR Driving Directions to Hike Meeting Places  

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