Interstate Hiking Club IHC Patch 
Organized 1931
Affiliate of the NY/NJ Trail Conference
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Note: An additional trail clearing trip has been added.  See September 26, 2015 schedule for details.


Club Information Spring / Summer 2015 Hikes
*About  IHC *June 2015
*Hiking with Us *July 2015
*How to Join *August 2015
*Contacts/Officers *September 2015
*Club Forms and Documents *October 2015
*Joint Activities with TriState Ramblers (TSR) Sign-In Procedure *
*Announcements *
 General Information   Six Month Schedules
*Orienteering *May 2015 - October 2015 Schedule (PDF)  
*Winter Hiking Advisory *November 2014 - April 2015 Schedule (PDF) 
*General Canoeing Information *Archive of Schedules in PDF Format
*Hiking Article - Tick Talk    
*Hiking Equipment Article - Use of Trecking Poles
*TSR Driving Directions to Hike Meeting Places  

Contact us: [email protected]
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